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The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup is a dark Lemmings-like from the creator of Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Posted on November 30, 2018

In The Unlikely Legend of Rusty Pup, death is never too far away. Developed by Gory Detail – a studio formed by Conker’s Bad Fur Day creator Chris Seavor – the dark Lemmings-like tasks you with leading a small, windup dog named Rusty through a dank and dangerous sewer. Something that’s far easier said than done.

Interview with game developer Chris Seavor

Posted on April 6, 2015

Lewd, rude, and excessively vulgar – these are all expressions that can be used to describe Conker’s Bad Fur Day, the 3D platformer released by Rare in 2001. With its overt references to sex, scatological humour, and excessive cursing, the game has become a cult classic amongst mature gamers, whilst simultaneously earning the scorn of parents the world over. But the game hadn’t always been this way. Originally the game was being produced as a more child-friendly adventure, featuring the cute and harmless character Conker from an earlier Rare release, Diddy Kong Racing. The game was being developed under the working title Twelve Tales, and instead revolved around the character collecting acorns and other items in a style reminiscent of later Rare platformers Banjo…